Cost-effective electrotherapy devices with 3 modes and 22 programs

Brief Introduction

Introducing our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit, a versatile device for effective pain relief, muscle training, and injury recovery. This cutting-edge tool delivers soothing low-frequency electronic pulses. With 40 intensity levels and 22 pre-programmed modes, it offers personalized treatment. Experience the convenience of this medical-grade machine in the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to discomfort and invest in your well-being today.
Our advantages:

1. High cost performance
2. More convenient devices battery life with the alkaline dry battery
3. Powerful function:TENS+EMS+MASSAGE 3 IN 1
4. Small and portable: Follow you anywhere

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Introducing our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit

- The ultimate solution for effective pain relief, muscle training, and injury recovery. This versatile device utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver soothing low-frequency electronic pulses, helping you achieve optimal well-being. With its numerous intensity levels and pre-programmed modes, this medical-grade machine offers personalized treatment right in the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to discomfort and invest in your well-being today with our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit.

Product model R-C4D Electrode pads 50mm*50mm 4pcs Weight 70g
Modes TENS+EMS+MASSAGE Battery 3 pcs AAA Alkaline battery Dimension 109*54.5*23mm (L x W x T)
Programs 22 Treatment output Max.120mA Carton Weight 12KG
Channel 2 Treatment intensity 40 Carton Dimension 490*350*350mm(L*W*T)

Pain Relief

Are you tired of living with constant pain? Our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit is here to provide the relief you deserve. By using gentle electronic pulses, this device stimulates your nerves, reducing pain and promoting natural healing. Whether you're suffering from chronic back pain, muscle soreness, or even arthritis, our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit offers a comprehensive solution. With 40 intensity levels, you can customize the treatment to your needs, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Muscle Training

Take your fitness journey to the next level with our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit. Not only does it provide pain relief, but it also serves as a muscle training tool. Through electronic muscle stimulation (EMS), this device activates your muscles, promoting strength and endurance. With regular use, you can target specific muscle groups, help them recover, and even sculpt your body. No more costly gym memberships or bulky fitness equipment – our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit is all you need for achieving your fitness goals.

Injury Recovery

Recovering from an injury can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Luckily, our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit is here to speed up your recovery journey. By stimulating blood circulation and increasing oxygen flow to the affected area, this device accelerates the healing process. It also reduces muscle atrophy and helps in regaining lost strength. With its 22 pre-programmed modes, you can target different areas and injuries, ensuring a personalized rehabilitation plan tailored to your specific needs.

Invest in Your Well-being

Investing in your well-being is crucial to leading a fulfilling life. With our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit, you're not only investing in pain relief and injury recovery but also in your overall mental and physical health. Regular massages using the device help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and alleviate tension in your muscles. Additionally, the convenience of having this medical-grade machine at home saves you time and money on frequent visits to healthcare professionals. Don't let discomfort hold you back – prioritize your well-being today with our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit.

In conclusion, our Tens+Ems+Massage Unit is a revolutionary device that combines pain relief, muscle training, and injury recovery in one convenient package. With its advanced technology, customizable settings, and versatility, this medical-grade machine ensures you receive personalized treatment from the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to discomfort and invest in your well-being today.

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